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5 Time Saving Social Media Tips

Social media is one of the most popular and effective ways to market your clinic, but it can also be one of the most time-consuming! Our Digital Marketing Specialist Rachel Medlock shares her 5-time saving hacks that gifts you some free time to focus on other marketing strategies whilst social media works its magic in the background.

Schedule, schedule, schedule!

Putting aside a couple of hours on a weekend to strategise your social media posts can save you hours of work during the week. Put together your week (or two) worth of posts and schedule these on Facebook ahead of time. Your posts will automatically go live at the date and time you’ve allocated.

If one of your scheduled posts is a promotion or announcement, make sure you’ve got someone available online to answer questions or respond to messages and comments.

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Automated responses

Facebook now gives you the option to automate responses to a series of messages. It’s like having your own virtual receptionist!

Jump into your page settings to set up automated responses to messages about your location, contact information, recommendations to even reminding them about their upcoming appointment!

Get your team involved

By having team member “takeovers” on Instagram, the load of content creation is not only taken off your hands for a day but also brings some spontaneity and variety into your content. Clients can follow different therapists on Instagram stories for “a day in the life“, get to know different team members and really engage with your business on a more personal level.

Incaus-social media
Incaus-social media

Utilise your suppliers

If you’re stocking well-known skincare brands, makeup products, technology distributors or even hair products, I guarantee they have a strong social media presence of their own! You are able to share and repost their content on your own page to spread the message about products you’re stocking and passionate about.

These brands often offer their stockists marketing resources such as social media posts to share onto your own page. They’ve done the hard work for you!

Get to know your time-saving resources

There are a stack of apps and websites available to you that can strengthen the quality of your social media posts and save you a bunch of time.

My recommendations for time-saving apps are:

  • Canva – my go-to for free artwork production. It is a super easy drag-and-drop system and can be used on both desktop and mobile. Canva is also perfect for non-social media marketing too such as brochures and flyers!
  • Unsplash – one of my favourite websites for free images. There are thousands of high quality and unique images that you can download and use.
  • Facebook Pages Manager – this app allows you to separate your personal Facebook from your business page. This is a separate app on your phone where you can take care of your page from, post content and respond to messages.
  • Legend – a unique mobile app for creating engaging animated posts. These are great for spicing up your IG story!
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