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5 tips for performing the perfect skin consult

We asked our Training and Clinical Manager, Lashana Shepherd to share her expertise on cultivating an A+ skin analysis experience that enhances your reputation as a skin specialist, and keeps customers coming back for more.

Charge people for the privilege

If you are looking to perform a thorough and in-depth skin consultation, I always recommend dedicating at least 30 to 40 minutes to this so you can cleanse off the client’s make-up, perform a skin analysis and talk in detail about treatment options, products and pricing.

However 30 or 40 minutes is a lot of time to dedicate to ‘time wasters’. So, it is often a good idea to charge people a consultation fee that is redeemable on products or treatments on the day. This will deter clients who are simply shopping around for the cheapest price and those who aren’t going to be loyal to the business. Long term clients will not only boost your word of mouth referrals but will also help generate your before and after images.

Incaus - facial and skin care

Don’t point out anything the client isn’t concerned about

The quickest way to lose a client or waiver their trust is to point out or concentrate on a different concern than the one they came in for. If a client has come in concerned about their pigmentation, focusing on their congestion and talking about treatments to address this instead will leave the client feeling like you haven’t listened to them and like you are just making a sale. This is of course unless you can justify WHY you need to focus on another issue first before addressing their main concern, or if during the consultation the client points this out on themselves. Giving the client a mirror or performing a skin analysis with a tool like the OBSERV 520 , allows the client to see their skin from your perspective and you may find they point out alternative concerns on their own. This means it is no longer a perceived ‘unnecessary sale’, but you are meeting a need.

Take photos!

Scientifically, we do not remember what we looked like yesterday; so how could a client possibly remember what their skin looked like 6 weeks ago?

While you might be noticing the amazing changes in your clients skin with every visit, clients see themselves everyday and will often forget where they started. Subtle or even major changes can be overlooked or the client might say they are underwhelmed with the results.

Being able to document the client’s skin with good quality photographs and having consistent lighting and positioning will help give your clients an overview of their progress, aid with marketing, and squash any doubts that the client isn’t seeing any changes!

Incaus- facial and skin care
Incaus - facial and skin tips

Believe in what you have to offer

It’s important not to forget what it has taken for the client to come and see you. Clients don’t just manifest out of thin air! They’ve either been recommended by a friend, or even potentially found you on Facebook or Instagram. They’ve spent some of their free time scrolling through your online platforms. They’ve looked at all the treatments you have to offer, researched how far you are from them, either booked online or picked up the phone and called you, and made an appointment and paid a deposit. They didn’t do all that for nothing!

The biggest mistake I see therapists make is believing what they have to offer is too expensive or assuming the client can’t afford it or isn’t prepared to buy anything. Even if that thought is only rattling round in the back of your mind, I guarantee it will come across to the client. You need to remember what the client has gone through to be sitting in front of you, and if you don’t see value in your services, neither will they.

The best way to combat this? Change your language!  

Change “I would like you to start ”   to  “I need you to start”. 

And remember, silence is golden:

If a client goes silent after a quote, just be quiet with them. They might just be thinking about what bills are due in the next week so they can justify the spend. If you muddy their thought by talking over this or offering alternatives, they will just get confused and say no.

Back your expertise with science

We use technology every day of our lives, and it’s no different in the modern treatment room. In fact, clients almost expect it nowadays as part of their service experience. Integrating advanced skin analytical tools into your skin consultations, like the OBSERV 520, demonstrates that you are a salon, spa or clinic that engages the latest in scientific skin technology to provide the most accurate and true diagnosis of a client’s skin.

There will always be clients who think you may be saying whatever it takes to land a sale — so back up your word with clear visual evidence that they cannot deny.
It’s a smart investment that will only take your business from strength to strength.

Incaus-facial and skin tips
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