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Face and Body Facials

Hydro-Microdermabrasion By


Beautiful Skin Head to Toe

Acne Treatment,
Anti-ageing treatment,
Redness – Rosacea, Flushing


Bright Skin Head to Toe
Carbon Facials, Photo Rejuvenation Facials, Face Tightening By


Bright Skin Head to Toe


What are the key points for selecting the Facial & Skin Treatment Devices?
Ask yourself the below crucial questions before you invest in any device
  • How much will be the Return on Investment ?
  • Is it durable for my continuous treatments in a day?
  • Does it support body facials?
  • Will it able to treat wider range of sizes of spots?
  • What are the available bit sizes to treat various parts of the body?
  • Does Hydrodermabrasion give customer retention?
  • Are you restricted to use any specific products only?
  • What is the treatment time?
  • How effective is the hydrodermabrasion?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • What is the efficacy when used continuously?
  • How often you should clean jars?

Before and After Treatments