Incaus-laser skin services

Layering Skin Services With LED

A quality LED Light Therapy Machine is one of the smartest investments you can make for your business thanks to its easy integration into a clinic’s treatment menu.

Having LED services available at your clinic ensures you can provide professional grade skin-corrective services to even the most sensitive of skin types – so you never have to turn a customer away when they come to you with a problem.

Let’s take a look at 3 ways you can layer LED Light Therapy to enhance your skin results.

1. Exciting Treatment Enhancements

Are you offering LED upgrades to traditional skincare facials? Not only is it a fabulous way for clients to enhance their results and skin goals but it grows your bottom line seamlessly too!

During your next facial consultation, present your client with the benefits of adding on LED to their service. Are you addressing your client’s acne? Talk about the power of Blue Light LED! Perhaps the client is wanting to address pigmentation and skin discoloration? Let’s talk all things Green Light LED! After treatment, this is a great time to ask how they found their first LED experience and discuss packages and promotions.

Incaus-layering skin services
Incaus-layering skin services

2. Relax and Rejuvenate!

Did you know you can incorporate LED into your laser, IPL and peel facials? Increase your customer care by offering LED Light Therapy as a way to heal, regenerate and soothe after these treatments.

For example, after a laser facial or fractional RF treatment, you can offer Yellow Light LED as a way to increase skin hydration, speed up wound healing and overall skin recovery and continue collagen induction. All the client needs to do is sit back, relax and rejuvenate!

This service can be added as an optional treatment upgrade, be included as part of your signature experience or even rewarded to clients who commit to a treatment package. The opportunities are endless with LED!

3. The Ultra-Advanced Facial Experience

Do you currently offer a signature facial experience? This treatment is what sets you apart from your competitors, what you’re known for and encompasses your business philosophy.

For the ultimate advanced approach to skin renewal, LED can be incorporated into a layered treatment experience that utilises multiple technologies. This ultra-advanced approach to skin can set your clinic up with a unique and results-driven signature facial.

As LED light is gentle, restorative, and calming, it’s a great final step to unite all the benefits of a layered facial experience.

Kick off your Ultra-Advanced Facial Experience with the renewal benefits of microdermabrasion, follow this with the invigoration of oxygen facial therapy followed by the brightening and restoring benefits of LED.

Enhance your signature facial experience one step further by offering a rejuvenating treatment masque or hand massage during their LED experience.

Incaus-layering skin services
If you’re as excited about LED layering as we are, give our device consultants a call on 8003317156 to learn more!

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