LUX Oncology Aesthetics

Safe, Effective & Painless Treatments

Global Beauty Group R & D team of Engineers, Dermal Clinicians and Designers designed and develop LUX Series Medical Grade Technology equipments with international approvals including FDA. The equipments tested by third party dermatologist   suitable for Sensitive and Health challenged body & Skin including Cancer Survivors.  with ultimate comfort and Painless effective skin & body treatments.

With an estimated 38.4% of Americans expected to receive a cancer diagnosis during their lifetimes, according to the National Cancer Institute. People going through cancer treatments deserve ultimate comfort, gentle, safe, Painless effective skin and body treatments.


A cancer diagnosis is life changing in so many ways. People experience physical effects, both from the cancer itself and the treatment. Chemotherapy, for example, can leave the skin red, itchy, and peeling. Oncology Spa treatments widely accepted by oncologist. LUX Series Equipments with Oncology certified aestheticians and therapist can provide wide range of skin and body treatment to Oncology Survivors. You can add Oncology Spa services If your you’re interested in being an who helps people during difficult periods of illness.

Because people fighting cancer often require gentle skincare therapies, professionals trained in oncology esthetics approach spa-related treatments with added sensitivity. Even after the cancer is gone, an SPA services continue to help boost the healing process and avoid complications.

Each and Every Oncology Survivors are need customized services and SPA treatment in line with their ongoing cancer treatments, even after the recovery. LUX Series equipment are design to modify such customized pressure, friction, temperature and energy levels and provide non-invasive and beneficial spa treatments specially designed for cancer patients

However, Estheticians should also request a doctor’s note. This note explains what treatments are allowed and what areas to avoid.

Some of the benefits of Oncology SPA Treatment to the cancer patients and survivors

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Collaboration of Aesthetician with the medical profession
  • Confidence that spa services are provided safely
  • Potential easing of symptoms and skin reactions, and restoring of overall well-being
  • Compassionate service provider who understands the disease
  • Continued support after medical treatment is finished