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Acne Management Scars and Striae Treatment


PowerLUX, SuperLUX & UltraLUX PRO



What are the key points for selecting the Aesthetic Devices?
Ask yourself the below crucial questions before you invest in any device.

  • How much will be the Return on Investment?

  • Is it durable for my continuous treatments in a day?

  • What is the efficacy, speed, and ease?

  • Is this device multi functionary?

  • Does this device do painless treatments?

  • Is the device high-powered to suit various treatment capacities?

  • Does this device support signature treatments for my clients?

  • Is this suitable for sensitive skin type patients like oncology patients?

  • What can be throughput of treatments by using this device?

  • What are the available bit sizes to treat various parts of the body?

  • How does the treatments by this product give me customer retention?

  • Are you restricted to use any specific products only?

  • What are the treatment times?

  • How much easy to use for my staff?

  • What is the efficacy when used continuously?

  • Demonstrate a track record of proven science, real results, and well-earned trust?

  • Does product company deliver continuous service and support after the purchase?

  • Can I get learning material on how to treat with the respective devices?

  • Can company help in

  • Help you stay abreast of the latest technology and industry thought leadership? 

  • Does company support in consulting about my new spa venture?

  • Can the company help in building strategies on getting good ROI and customer retention models with the various treatments?

Before and After Treatments