“Maximizing ROI is an integral part of a Successful Esthetic Business” 

Manufacturers are interested in supplying new products, through adding new features, benefits, and re-designing functional and aesthetically pleasing models. But they are also in the after sales business—they have clients to keep happy. In the name of modern, advanced, innovative state-of-the-art technology. End of the day, manufacturers are obliged to find ways to sell. To make the most of a client’s every dollar, they engage, sometimes begrudgingly.

Value engineering is closely associated with cost cutting, but that limit the overall performance. The goal isn’t to trim the bottom line, but to maximize function at the lowest possible cost. Product quality is still the name of the game. Value engineering is a methodology that ensures the owner is not overpaying for quality when an equally effective option exists.

Here’s the good news: Value engineering is not a concept; it’s a method. A definable, repeatable method. Whether a design team wants to substitute one equipment for another, consider alternative practical methods, or limit a spa’s demographic impact, the process remains generally consistent.


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Step 1: Identify Core Services of the spa provides

Step 2: Analyze Suitable Bespoke equipments

Step 3: Develop alternative multi-purpose equipment for delivering those services.

Step 4: Calculate the  ROI of multi-purpose equipments.

 Step 5: Allocate costs to the multi-purpose equipment. 

Step 6: Develop the alternatives with the highest likelihood of success. 

One area where INCAUS can often find value is in Safety, Effectiveness and profitable. Spending more on a multi-treatment performing device early will bring in revenue 10x than a single device performing treatments. It also cuts down the time taken for the breakeven of buying the product and generates quicker ROI.

Value engineering demands that clients view equipment with a wider lens and scrutinize plans and treatments to identify cost-effective alternatives that meet the requirements of a treatment. But finding alternatives takes work. You have to know what you’re looking for and where to look.

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